Laura Saunders

Laura is a documentary photographer and filmmaker currently based in Washington DC. In 2011, she graduated with distinction from the Documentary Photography & Photojournalism Masters Program at The London College of Communication. Much of her work explores social resistance movements, and particularly issues around forced migration, incarceration, and the growing US border industry.

Her long-term work has taken her to the southern border of the US, and focuses largely on the economic and historical implications of the US detention system for communities in Arizona and Texas. She is also working on her first documentary feature following community members in rural Appalachian Virginia, fighting the construction of a fracked gas pipeline.

Her work has been exhibited in both the US/UK with clients including The Intercept, The Guardian, Politico, Huffington Post, ACLU, Mic, La Repubblica, and Quartz. Available for photo & video assignments, speaking engagements and workshops.